How free Google tools can make your SEO copywriting more effective

When writing content for websites, as a copywriter it is vital for your client’s success to be aware of how you can help the internet marketing agency to achieve top rankings in the search engines.

Fortunately, Google has got some great free tools available to internet marketing experts and copywriters to help assess keywords and help you to choose which ones will bring in the highest revenues. First up, it is definitely worth using the Google Keyword Tool. Linked up to Adwords, you can use Google’s keyword tool to see how many search queries there are for the keywords you are considering. Just remember to check the differences between broad, phrase and exact searches as broad searches include all queries that include that term, whether they are positive, negative or irrelevant.

Next, take a look at Google trends. Google Trends allows you to enter in two or more search terms and compare search volume across the last few years using a graph, helping copywriters to determine what product out of two has been the most popular e.g. Fit Flops or Sketchers Shape Ups. Check it out here. This could help you decide which products to focus your attention on to bring in web visitors through content marketing.

Google Insights is essentially an extension of Google Trends. Google insights can help copywriters focus their work on the geographical regions that are making the most search queries, even if you aren’t getting this traffic yet. This could help with the social proof aspect of copywriting, for example, if you get a lot of visitors from Scotland, or expect to get a lot of visitors from Scotland then you could highlight customer testimonials from Scottish customers so that you can show that you have a strong presence in Scotland.

Google insights also helps you find out more accurate search volumes thanks to the categories feature. For example, ‘boxer’ could be a dog, a fighter or a type of gentleman’s underwear so being able to search by category can be incredibly useful when you’re trying to determine how popular a particular keyword is.

and finally… Google Analytics is a fantastic tool to help you find out how web visitors interact with a website when they arrive via certain keywords. Do visitors arrive through only a couple of keywords and from there, do they stay on the website? Do they make a purchase after searching for certain keywords or even if your company blog has a positive affect on the customer’s sales journey? As a copywriter, it really helps to focus and persevere in the direction that visitors want to see.

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