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Is your Linkedin profile getting you hired left right and centre?  For many, it is a useful source of business, increasing their reputation within the relevant industry in a way that pure advertising can not achieve. The combination of business and social-networking is genius, though it is exactly this balance that can be tricky and turn recruiters away if it is not judged well.  If your Linkedin profile isn’t working quite as well as planned, here are some tips that should help to boost business.

Your headline is crucial – it is how recruiters find you in the first place.  This means that it is your opportunity to be clever with search words, think of umbrella terms for the products or services that you provide, and. Be. Concise.  Secondly, the body of your profile should not be a list of what you offer, or a life-story of achievements. Recruiters will not only be looking for information  about what your business has done, but also where it is heading.  Without this, they can’t visualise how an on-going relationship with your business can be formed.

However, don’t let industry-talk bog down the personality of your business – Linkedin offers you the opportunity to transfer social-networking skills to the business arena, so don’t waste it.  Don’t let them forget who you are – much like your out-of-work social networking, frequent activity keeps people’s attention on you.  Whether this be a business-related up-date composed by yourself or keeping up the effort to form connections with relevant business profiles, this activity shows recruiters that you are live.  Through this more casual content on your profile, you also have the opportunity to convey the image you want of your business, whilst showing off how well-connected you are within the industry.  This presents your business as creditable, one of the most vital aspects in attracting recruiters.

We hope that these tips will have sparked an epiphany in those of you who are struggling to reap the rewards from your Linkedin profile, and that you will no longer be waiting for that all-important recruitment.

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