SEO Copywriting – writing your ‘About Us’ page for your website

If you’re not an established brand online, your About Us page is a pretty vital part of your website as this is how visitors assess whether your business is credible or not. Here are a few copywriting tips on how to perfect this important page on your company’s website.

- Whilst you are probably not aiming to be boring, you need to be alert and realise quickly when you churn out boring copy. You’ll recognise it if you see it so inject some life into boring web copy by re-writing it in the active voice, adding in more descriptive words or by telling a story. The content you upload is really important for your business’ image and also your SEO, don’t waste such a golden opportunity to make an impact.

- Avoid clichés – there are certain buzz words that go in and out of fashion and they don’t make you stand out from competitors in a good way. Avoid these meaningless phrases if at all possible. A rule of thumb could be that if you’ve heard a phrase uttered by a candidate from BBC’s The Apprentice then don’t use it. “Taking information on board”, “singing from the same hymn sheet”, “thinking outside the box” and “giving 110%” all sound familiar?

- Don’t try and be something you’re not as it will shine through your copy and customers or clients will realise pretty quickly. This includes outright telling your website’s visitors how you want to be seen and what you’re aiming to be. It can make you look like you’re trying too hard and stands out if you fall short of your intentions at any time. This affects your credibility as a business and ultimately can have a negative impact on your business’ success.

- Your main keywords should be used across your website and your About Us page is no different to any other page on your website. Remember that SEO professionals have different ideas about keyword density (how many times you should use a particular keyword on a page).

- Embrace the personal touch, ask your team to write quick bios and include a photo. This will open your company up and make you more approachable to new customers who might wish to contact you. Showcasing your employees indicates to your customers how much you value their contribution to your business and give an accurate representation to what you’re really about… which is great as that is what they’re on your About Us page to find out about!

People want to work with other people, let you copy reflect your own personality and also ensure it has all the relevant details such as phone number, address and email address for people to contact you with.

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