When Good Content Goes Bad

If you’re a copywriter then you probably have some passionate opinions on content spinning, if you are not a copywriter, you probably don’t know what it is but the name might feel somewhat ominous. In short, content spinning is frowned upon by copywriters and internet marketers who take pride in their work and want to provide clients with a great service, rather than a half-arsed job.

So what is content spinning?

Content spinning involves using computer software to make a piece of writing different enough to not be picked up as duplicate content by search engines. Spinning software obviously varies in quality, depending on what you are paying for. Some content spinners are terrible and put together copywriting that is not only grammatically incorrect, but also makes no sense to human readers.

But why is this bad? Unique content is absolutely vital for a good SEO strategy because duplicated content doesn’t add value to an internet user’s experience, which remains high in Google’s priorities.

So what is so great about posting unique content on your website and why shouldn’t you use a content spinner?

- While Juno Copywriting and any other good internet marketing or copywriting agency would advise against keyword stuffing, unique content needs to include all the keywords that you want to rank for. Content spinning software isn’t strategic in the way an experienced writer is and can’t do much more than rearrange a few words and add in synonyms.

- We have already mentioned adding value to user experience, but the importance of this cannot be underestimated. Making several versions of the same piece of writing to rank in the search engines isn’t helpful to users who will be frustrated that their research isn’t bearing new fruit and in turn, they may not feel too kindly towards you for wasting their time.

- Think it is expensive hiring a copywriter to create unique content for you? It’s more expensive to lose sales from your own business because your website is repetitive and uninteresting.

- If your website has great content that attracts attention then you have got some link bait. Link bait is content that has been constructed with the intention of grabbing people’s attention in the hope they will share and link to your website. Copied and distorted content is rarely interesting and to attract people’s attention, you need to provide fresh writing.

Article marketing has slowed down with Google’s recent Panda update, meaning that article websites appear less frequently high up in the search engines. There is no value in using content spinners for your own website as each page needs to be absolutely unique and different from the previous page. We hope that with the Panda update and with greater innovation from Google and the other search engines, content spinning will become a blip in the history of SEO copywriting.

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