10 Tricks For Writing Great Headlines

If you’re writing online content then you will already be aware that the title of your blog or article is just as important as the main body of text you have written. To get people to click on the link to read your content, you need to grab their attention, and to keep them reading and coming back, you need to fulfil your promises. Here are 10 tricks from Juno Copywriting showing you how to write better headlines and titles for online content:

1. Use keywords – more people will read your content if it is indexed in Google. The way to do this is to write your content with SEO in mind. There are some really useful keyword tools out there that make SEO copywriting much easier. Write about what people are searching for and use keywords to let readers know that your content contains exactly what they are searching for, not forgetting about the other 9 tips we’re about to share…

2. Ask a question – chances are, if you have a question then others will have the same question. By using a question as your headline, you are attracting the curious and those seeking an answer. Give them what they’re looking for.

3. Include a number – not only can you ensure your readers will be satisfied that your article or blog provides what it promises, by offering ’5 ways to..’ as a headline, your copy is laid out in an ordered structure that breaks good points into bite-sized chunks that are easy to remember.

4. AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. A great way of following this age-old marketing mnemonic is to offer something people want in the headline and sweetening the deal e.g. ‘Improve your career prospects without spending a penny’.

5. Be eccentric – you can increase your click through rates by writing something less ordinary, for example ‘How Lady Gaga can help your online marketing strategy’ and variations on this headline have become a bit ordinary now. Weird is OK from time to time!

6. Use a pun – you don’t have to go as far as The Sun newspaper, but whilst puns are cheesy, they raise a smile as well as click through rates. Face it, we all like a giggle.

7. Insult your readers – we don’t mean name-calling or being offensive! Offer to tell them why what they’re doing sucks or how they can stop squandering their online marketing budget. People will read your article or blog to check they’re not making those mistakes!

8. Be Accurate - Headlines need to be accurate, so sum your story up in one sentence and then use the other tips listed here to make them more interesting.

9. Tell us a secret – OK, don’t tell us any REAL secrets but revealing lesser known tricks of the trade will get a lot of interest. Everyone wants to be in on a secret!

10. Solve a problem – but we don’t mean provide a solution, it needs to be the easiest, the cheapest or the most useful way of doing something. Nobody is interested in average, normal or a solution, they want THE solution.

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