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Many people will try and tell you they are not at all creative, but in some way, even if its the tiniest thing, we all have a seed of creativity. From the way we dress, to the way we apply makeup and do our hair, creativity is in our blood.

Creative minds are always thinking, seeing the world in a different way, from a different angle, thinking outside of the box. It really comes as no shock that the most creative minds can, at some point in their lives, suffer depression. Some of the best work has been create by artists when they have hit rock bottom.

But what causes these bouts of low feeling?

As a writer, like many creative specialists, my mind constantly ticks over, thinking of ways to attack pieces, thinking about what is topical and relevant, thinking “how can I make this better”. I actually find it very hard to relax and feel that I should always be doing something, learning and, well, writing. Many may agree, there are also days where you are completely distracted and not producing your best work. Emotions can interfere with work, as much as we try to avoid that.

Scientists have studied the links between creative minds and depression. When at a low, emotions and feelings bubble close to the surface, hence, some of the best work is produced at this time, it is rich and raw, full of truth and feeling. In this instance the depression triggers the creativity, but what about the other way around?

Having an open and creative mind, focusing on your art, can leave you vulnerable to the attack of the grey cloud. It can come over you, without you even knowing. You are so focused that you may not be aware of it happening.

The mind is a powerful tool, it only sees what it wants to see, being creative and working by your own rules can sometimes mean you are your own worst enemy. This is when you have to re train your brain to have a positive outlook and lift your mood. Writing is a great tool to help re-organise and re-invigorate yourself.

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