When writing for online content, professional copywriters need to remember the golden rule of consistency. Consistency is very important in written copy as inconsistency can confuse the reader or cause a drop in sales due to a lack of focus. Here are a few things to look out for:


You are writing in English, but are you writing for a UK, American or second language English audience? If you are writing for an American audience then you must remember that they spell words differently to UK English speakers. Here are a few examples:

  • Remember to drop the ‘u’ from words such as favour, colour, and honour for American readers.
  • Americans spell ‘licence’ as ‘license’ and same same goes for ‘defence’.
  • Going to the ‘theatre’ or ‘theater’? Brits use ‘re’ on words like ‘centre’ and Americans use ‘er’ e.g. metre/meter.
  • In UK English, we would read a catalogue, Americans would read a catalog.

It is really important to decide which spellings you are going to use when writing copy and stick to them. If you’re writing a longer article then don’t forget you’re using American spellings half way through and revert to using UK English!


Tenses are an important mechanic for copywriting. The present tense makes everything feel more urgent and active. Readers are more likely to act in the here and now. Take the urgency out of your website’s copy and sales will go down because the incentive isn’t just the price. Forgetting what tense you are writing in can make copy confusing and disjointed.


So you’ve decided to include client testimonials on your website. Your clients cannot speak more highly of you and have been really impressed with the fantastic service you have provided that is on time and highly creative… then your copywriter writes about what good value for money your service is and how you beat the competition, although at what remains unclear. This is where consistency really benefits your business. If clients are raving about how creative your work has been and how many compliments they have received for your work then don’t push how cheap you are. Not every business is looking for the cheapest services. Cheap and value for money are two separate things and if clients tell you what the benefits of working with you are then your copywriter needs to take that on board and work with those benefits, not try and find new ones.

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