Copywriting – what does it mean?

Copywriting, a strange beast from a mythical land. Everyone knows about it, but few know exactly what it is. Juno copywriting attempts to voice what copywriting was, is, and claims to be.

What was copywriting?

Copywriting began as the words for advertising. Back in the 30s and 40s, this was made up of the product’s name and a lengthy, often fibbing, description of its amazing properties. Copywriters didn’t work with art directors, the copy was simply typed up and sent on to the visual department to add pictures. But not for long.

The wild 60s and 70s brought the copywriting revolution. Copywriters and art directors started to collaborate, coming up with crazy concepts and eye-catching ideas to change how people thought about a product. It was this that started our idea of branding, and copywriting has never looked back.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting today is still about concepts. Visuals have gained importance but copywriters still play a key role in coming up with the Big Ideas in advertising. A single line of text can embody an entire concept and advertising campaign, and the brains behind this work are still worth a pretty dollar.

Plus, copywriting has expanded. The digital revolution has brought a whole new world and with it, new marketing opportunities like websites, emails and social networking. In the days of print, colour images and big fonts cost money, so creatives had restricted freedom. Now, websites have huge possibilities and copywriting can explore the strange new environments of Twitter and Facebook abound.

What does copywriting claim to be?

Copywriting has come to mean almost all commercial writing. Whether it’s web content, radio adverts or flyers through your door, copywriting is the umbrella for it all.

Technically, copywriting is still writing the words for advertising, but in an age of bromance, chillaxing and the Twitterati (yes, they’re all in the dictionary), it could be that copywriting could do with a face lift.

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