Curb Your Enthusiasm

If you look at lots of examples of sales copy, something you might notice is that the writer is trying to get the reader excited about the product or service they are selling. Whilst as a copywriter, you need to inject some life into your copy and inspire a visitor to your website to become a customer, it is possible to go too much the other way and alienate people through over the top and insincere enthusiasm.

What happens if copy is too enthusiastic or ‘excitable’?

- Readers think you are insincere
- Readers think you might be a spammer
- Readers think you are an amateur.

Nobody wants potential customers to think any of these things about their business! So how can you strike the right level of enthusiasm in your web copy?

1. Don’t over-use exclamation marks. Sometimes, it is correct to use exclamation marks but over-use makes copy look like spam. Also,

2. Don’t use capitals letters. When you use capital letters on the internet IT LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING. Most people don’t want to be shouted at anyway but there is no need to use capitals to make certain parts of your copy stand out. Making your text bold (or <strong>) is a much more professional-looking way to draw attention to important information.

3. Don’t over-sell your products. Some things really aren’t exciting – to anyone except the website owner. For example, in a B2C environment, customers are often making emotional choices when they make a purchase e.g. clothes. In a B2B environment, people are making wholly functional purchases, it is very hard to get excited about paper clips, mechanical pencil refills or spray mount. This doesn’t mean you talk your products down but a factual representation of the benefits of purchasing the product should be strong enough without saying it’s the most exciting innovation since sliced bread and grown men weep when they first lay eyes on this product (you get the idea!)

The key is to keep your ‘professional’ head on at all times and your feet on the ground. While you should be interested in your products, it isn’t realistic to expect the rest of the world to feel the same way you do.

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