Five techniques you can use to persuade anyone to do anything with your copywriting

Writing online content can be a very daunting and tricky job when you know you have only a couple of seconds to attract a visitor’s attention with your website’s splendid design and dazzling copy. Web design aside, not only must your copywriting hook potential customers, but it also needs to be fit for SEO – as a copywriter you have certainly got your work cut out!

Juno Copywriting have compiled what we think are the five best tips to remember when trying to write persuasive online sales copy, after all, not every online retailer wants to position themselves as selling at the lowest possible price points.

1. Identify with the reader – it’s said so often on BBC1′s ‘The Apprentice’, but people really do buy from people… and particularly from people that they like. In order to be liked you need to identify with your potential customers and in copywriting, this means using writing styles and in particular, using the language that your target market use themselves. So for example, if you are selling surfboards you (hopefully!) wouldn’t dream of writing in a formal style that makes you sound like a business person who doesn’t know what surfing actually is.

2. Repetition – use repetition to drive your key message home to the reader. Be clear about what exactly your key message is, whether it is free delivery or every order entering a customer into a competition to win an amazing prize. Your messages aren’t as important to your customers as they are to you, and they often need reminding about some of the great things you have to offer. Be consistent and work with your online marketing team to repeat marketing messages across online channels such as social media, email marketing and affiliate marketing.

3. Testimonials/case studies – people naturally want what other people have got, particularly if they have something good! Sales of dresses that the new Duchess of Cambridge wears always sell out in hours. While you may not be able to get anybody so high profile using your products, the next best thing that everyone else can use is testimonials and case studies. Work with real customers to write truthful testimonials that show your online business in its best light. This way you can ensure testimonials are not only fair, but are correctly spelled with no off-putting internet “spk”.

4. Make it hard to disagree – be logical in your approach to copywriting. Bombard readers with statistics and you’ll put them off reading further. The mark of a good copywriter is knowing how to get a readers interest and getting them suitably hooked and happy to continue reading your copy. This should always involve explaining why your company or your products are the best in the market, otherwise you diminish your own credibility by appearing to make ridiculous claims you can’t back up. Address any negative comments or questions in the first instance to win people over.

5. Be exclusive – maybe not so exclusive you put new customers off straight away but enough to make people feel as though they have something desirable. Whether it is mentioning the number of units that have been made to sell or shameless name dropping about who you work with, find out what makes your website unique or exclusive.

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