Five ways to make your writing better instantly

Digital agencies always try to encourage clients to write some of their own blog posts to ensure that fresh content is uploaded regularly. This is because clients know their industry inside out and more importantly, know their customers better than anyone else. We work with many clients who we advise about writing online content and how they can write engaging content that not only ranks in Google, but inspires customers to return to their website.

Here are a few tips from Juno Copywriting for online business owners who want to write better blogs instantly:

1. Stay on topic – it is really easy to go off topic and 500 words later wonder what your blog is even about! Write the title of your blog first and keep it at the top of the piece of paper you are writing on. This will help you stay on topic and help you not waste your time writing about something irrelevant.

2. Make every sentence count – read every sentence on its own and if you think your point isn’t coming across as clearly as it could then re-write and keep trying until you are happy that every sentence is concise.

3. Keep sentences short – it is hard to be concise when sentence are long. Long sentences will contain lots of clauses and will inevitably need to include more complicated punctuation. This means that your readers will need to work harder to understand what you are writing and the key to good online copywriting is simplicity.

4. Structure is really important when writing online. Break up your paragraphs to keep your copy easy to scan-read and in bite-sized chunks that are easy to remember. If it helps, write down your main points and then write around them to ensure your blog’s structure is logical and easy to follow.

5. Try and use the active voice where possible. The passive voice should only really be used to show distance and objectivity… but this is your website, you are not objective and nor should you be! “The dog bit Mary” is an active sentence because the subject of the sentence is acting upon the verb. Active sentences are much more engaging and exciting to read, so forget passive writing and get active.

If you have a website and don’t have enough time to write blogs frequently enough, then call Juno Copywriting to talk about your copywriting requirements on 0845 544 1764

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