Getting back to our creative roots

It’ s very common, as a creative to be blinkered and blinded by projects, work and completely lose the reason you got into the industry.

It is also very common to have a bit of a creative block, and get frustrated, feeling that maybe you are stuck in a rut. So, how do we get out of the rut and get back to the roots of what we, as creatives, enjoy?

Take a break.

Seems pretty easy, but as creatives our minds work in a certain way, and we need to allow them to rest or work in a completely different way. Go to the cinema, blast out some music, visit an old building, walk, look at things, laugh, this is great medicine, go to an art gallery, and get involved in something you would not normally, hands on creative arts, pot making, photography.

It’s a way of extending your creativity and allowing the brain to take a rest, absorbing other interests and arts.

Re wire.

You mind has a set path, now might be the perfect time to take a different path and re-wire your brain. How would you do it differently? If this idea was around in Medieval England, how would people react? What if it was underwater, how would it work then? There are so many ways you can spin an idea and take a different angle. Some creatives will stick to the fail safe way that they were taught years ago. But as with most things, we have to move with the times!

Enjoy your work.

Plain and simple, if you’re not enjoying it, then you’re probably not in the right job or not getting what you could. So, re consider what actually makes you smile, what you can get your teeth into, what you wouldn’t mind taking home with you (if you had to).

Creatives are the backbone of every company and idea, so it’s important to make sure you are happy in your work and getting back to your creative roots.


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