Getting out of a creative rut

Writers… we are called upon to inspire, educate, inform and engage. As wonderful as that may sound, there are some periods of time that we find it difficult to engage brain and get the cogs turning again.

That blank page or screen staring up at you can be terrifying and even the most famous writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Stephen King have been known to wander around for hours before they actually start writing.

So, how do we get the creative juices flowing again? The team at Juno Copywriting have gathered their own personal experiences and tips to get over that “Writing Block”.

Take a break. Sometimes, although our jobs are to write, it can be difficult to simply produce a piece of outstanding work when you’ve been sat writing or thinking for hours. Taking a break will mean you walk away from that setting. Go for a walk, have a snooze, refresh your brain, do something you enjoy, or engage yourself with other creative people.

Listen to music. We always find that this helps, it stimulates other memories and emotions, can make you feel sad or raise your spirits, but you may find little sprouts of ideas starting to form.

Do something totally irrelevant. We always find we have the most brilliant ideas at the most inappropriate moments. In the shower, just as we are about to nod off, making a cup of tea, those types of things, because your brain isn’t focused on writing, it’s concentrating on the job in hand and sometimes the best ideas come when you are not sat, ready for writing.

Keep a note book. This is vital, you can list all of your ideas and ensure that they are not forgotten, then when you revert back to your note book you should have lots of things to write about.

Travel, it broadens the mind, as does reading. Some of us are guilty of not picking up a book in years, it is true escapism for the mind, after all, your mind needs a holiday as well.

Get enough sleep. Sounds pretty obvious, but when you are lagging, it can really affect your writing… a fresh mind and body is the best tool for creativity. (You can also take your notebook to bed, as we’ve mentioned, sometimes the best ideas appear here).

Hopefully these tips will inspire those writers who can’t get going and are stuck in a bit of a rut.

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