How to keep the creative juices flowing – writing great blogs regularly

Once again, you’re staring at a blank word document. You’re on a deadline and you can’t think of an interesting subject to blog about. Whether you want to believe that writer’s block exists or not, Juno Copywriting have got some tips to help you think of interesting topics to blog about.

1. Read your competitors work – whilst we are not suggesting that you copy your competitor’s content, do think about the topics they are writing about. It is a positive thing to admire the work of others because you can try and emulate styles you like and from there feel inspired about topics to write about. For example, do other companies you admire blog about fun things they do in the office? Do they only blog about client work or do they blog about a mix of the two plus a few industry related pieces? Are they playful, eccentric or corporate? Find your style and writing blogs will be much easier.

2. Use Twitter – follow people in your industry, trade journalists, publications and students. Create Twitter lists and filter out the noise for the best results. Follow enough of the right people and you will not only be up to date with the latest industry developments but you’ll start to see unexplored aspects of other people’s work that you would like to cover in your blogs. is gaining popularity on Twitter and whilst it provides no real SEO benefit, it’s a great news aggregation service based on hashtags of interest to you e.g. #copywriting.

3. Talk to your colleagues – chat with your colleagues about the great subjects you’re finding out about and they’ll come up with fresh points of view that you hadn’t thought about before. It’s ok to blog about valid work-related discussions!

4. Watch the news – blog writing and online content should be relevant to the time they are posted. Being the first to make a link between a high profile news story can be great for SEO and getting your copywriting noticed.

5. Take a break – but don’t forget to take a notepad! Some times, great ideas for well-written blogs fall out of the sky just like that and the words flow from your pen before you know what has happened.

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