How to use your web copy to get what you want

When it comes to writing copy for the web, as a copywriter you only have a very short amount of time to let visitors know what the website they’re visiting is and what they’re about.

It is helpful to know that a large proportion of visitors spend less than 10 seconds on a page that they land on and that copywriters have to work with web designers and business owners to get all the components together to make a website sticky.

One way that you can make an impact as a copywriter is to make your copy more exciting by using the active voice, power words that re-awaken inspiration and emotions in people and the imperative mood (or command language).

Imperative sentences are sentences that contain instructions or commands. You might think at first that giving customers direct instructions or commands would alienate visitors to your website but used appropriately, this would not be the case.

Some examples of imperative sentences are:

‘Click here to download our latest report’
‘Contact us for more information’
‘Call our customer service team now to activate your discount code’

 So why should you use the imperative in your web copy?

- Using the imperative shows you as confident and can give a powerful air. Exuding confidence is a great way of getting people to follow

- The imperative is a great motivating tool. We say it so many times but it is true, people on the web are incredibly fickle. They scan text and will move from one page to another without a second thought. By using imperative sentences you are giving instructions that allow visitors to continue moving through your website easily, without having to think about every aspect of the site.

- A direct call to action removes ambiguity meaning that customers know straight away what they need to do. If you were to use a more passive or suggestive tone then potential customers may take the long way to get to where you want them to go – if they don’t drop out on the journey.

The imperative mood can transform lifeless text into punchy sales copy. If you want to know more about how Juno Copywriting can improve your website’s written content then contact us.

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