How to write an article in under 30 mins

Sometimes you’ve got to get an article or a blog out very quickly and you don’t have time to read your work with fresh eyes with a cup of coffee and a couple of squares of chocolate the next day.

In a high pressured and demanding environment, you don’t have time to mess around checking Facebook or Twitter when your concentration lapses – you have to focus, So we’ve put together five tips showing you how to write an article or blog in under 30 minutes.

1. Aim for 350 words – it’s not a lot but when time is precious, 350 words will allow you to get across your message. Then, if you’re in a flow and exceed your word count then that’s great. Just stay focused and don’t waffle or you’ll waste your time and be forced to heavily edit your copy.

2. Start with a structure in mind. It might help if you start by writing your concluding paragraph and then working back from there, choosing to include only the relevant points that bring you to the end of your blog or article.

3. Following on from the last point, using numbering or bullet points helps to keep your structure in place. Choose your key points and then expand on each. This way, you’ll probably surprise yourself about how quickly your article or blog appears before your eyes.

4. Stuck for things to write about? Keep a page in your diary with ideas for topics for blogs and articles to draw on when the pressure is on and you’re well and truly stuck. Alternatively, keep a ‘bank’ of blogs you have written and perfect one of those and add contemporary references to keep your work fresh.

5. Read a lot and regularly – this way you will be able to draw from your memory bank about things relevant to the topics you are copywriting about. Pay attention to trade news and don’t feel awkward about mentioning pertinent news stories. You can usually apply something that is happening in business or politics to your own writing to add an interesting twist. Talking about current affairs does date your online copy but used sparingly and kept in the right context you’re on to a winner.

If you follow these tips, then with practice you will become skilled at knocking out article after article, good luck!

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