Ideas- how to have a good one

As a writer or creative, generally everything you do is based on an idea, which then grows, gives you some direction, puts some meat on the bone and off you go.

Now, whatever creative sector you work in, sometimes you may be full of great ideas and others, you have no idea where to start. Today, the Juno Copywriting team are going to lend a helping hand to get yourself out of those idea-less ruts.

Our top tips are:

Carry a notebook with you everywhere. It may sound odd but actually, people tend to have the best ideas when they are not at work sat in front of a PC. When your mind is distracted with other menial tasks such as driving and cooking, it wonders and hey presto, comes across a great idea.Write it down in your notebook so you don’t forget.

Base ideas on images. A picture paints a thousand words. If you are stuck and are working on a specific project such as a butchers, Google all the words you can think of related with that company, butchers, meat, pork, lamb- you get the idea, and see what Google Images presents you with, I assure you there will be some pretty interesting finds.

Brainstorm or mind map. Write down the project name in the middle and see where things take you, don’t be afraid to think outside the box, sometimes off the wall ideas are the best way of engaging people.

Talk to others, bouncing ideas between two or three people gets the creative juices flowing, and you can end up with a whole range of ideas.

Think of a genre, it might be an era or a style of film, this is a great way to see your project and visualize how it would look, taste, smell, sound in that particular genre.

Opening your mind can be a difficult task when you are blinkered with hundreds of projects, but the most important things for creative is to detach and relax, take some time out to give yourself a break, after all, thinking can be hard work sometimes!

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