Is now the right time to go Freelance?

Its all hum drum in the news currently and as the recession sees no sign of letting up, many people are wondering whether they will be safe in their jobs, or under certain circumstances, are reconsidering what to do in terms of their career. As  a business in the creative sector, you become savvy to news of other companies closing down and many friends and colleagues turn to us about advice on how to go it alone.

Last April I returned from a winter in Austria with the good intentions of setting up as a Freelance Writer and that is exactly what I did. My initial plans were to continue with the work that I had previously offered over the last 6 years. But it didn’t go that way. It went in a completely different direction, but nearly a year down the line I am glad it did, because if I had tried to gain work through copywriting- specifically radio copywriting, I wouldn’t have had a great year and wouldn’t be sat here at Juno Copywriting today.

Should I go Freelance?

I would say yes. Despite the doom and gloom, if you work in the creative sector you will be able to survive as a Freelance worker. It takes time and dedication, you may have no money until your first pay cheque comes in , but you have to solider on. There are so many start up programmes for creatives which offer total support and in some cases will offer you a space to work in for FREE. Being based in the East Midlands organisations such as Creative Leicestershire, LCB Depot in Leicester, Antenna in Nottingham and Creative Derbyshire all offer events and areas of support, which is great. They also hold networking events and information for start ups. There are organisations like this all over the UK and in some cases can offer you funding.

As a freelancer one of the questions you ask yourself is- Where will my work come from. I always suggest to get yourself on as many freelance sites as possible, build a profile and start bidding for jobs. The most popular sites I use are:



There are many more, but these are a great starting point.

So, is now the right time? You will never know if you don’t try, if you are finding job hunting a difficult task because of your qualifications (you are probably over-qualified) or the fact that so many people are applying to the same job, make a go of it and step into the world of Freelance.

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