New Year – New Content

We’re heading to the end of 2012, how has it been for you? How has your website faired against the Google changes Panda and Penguin? Did it stand up, or did it fall in the rankings like a bad pop song?

It might be worth clearing up and re writing your web content for 2013, and now might be the best time to do so, as it takes Google a few days to re index new content pages. You don’t have change everything, it might be that you want to include some more keywords or change the structure of the layout and paragraphs.

Research shows that customers hit a site and spend only a few seconds searching for a product and service, if they can see those in the first paragraph of text on a page or by a picture, they will stay on the site and fingers cross, purchase something from you or contact you.

Make sure you’re telling those customers what they want to hear, and that doesn’t mean selling to them. No one likes the hard sell, they would rather be given a choice and made to feel that by purchasing your product or service, it will enhance their life.

Another consideration is a blog. Yes, it might strike fear into some, but by doing a regular blog, you’re helping your site rocket through the rankings and providing new content, which Google loves.

It’s always great to start the New Year with a bang. Make sure your website has everything in its power to be a success and that includes great unique content.

If you’re struggling for time or don’t know where to start, the Juno Copywriting team are more than happy to guide you through and provide you with web content and blogs, if required.

Lets look forward to a fruitful 2013.

Juno Copywriting.


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