Proofreading Tips

When writing content for your website, whether it is the homepage, a product page or a blog, you need to proofread your own work. Ideally, you would ask a friend or a colleague to check that your writing makes sense and that there are no spelling or grammar errors, although in the real world this isn’t always possible.

If you find it hard to pick out mistakes then don’t worry, Juno Copywriting have put together our top tips for becoming a better proofreader.

1. Get some space from your work, even if you just take a walk, make a cup of coffee or get lunch. Distancing yourself from your work will help you see it with fresh eyes and you’ll find it easier to pick out typos, spelling and grammar errors.

2. It might sound ridiculous, but before you spend time checking your work, run a spell check to look for the obvious typos. When typing quickly, ‘product’ can become ‘prodyct’, and before you know it, you have a document riddled with errors. Don’t waste time and brain power correcting copy that your word processor can amend much quicker with a smaller margin of error.

3. Read everything aloud to check for flow, if you’re gasping for breath then your sentences are too long. However, if you are writing for the Internet then your sentences should be short and to the point anyway!

4. Print out your work and attack it with a red pen. Looking at a screen is very tiring for the eyes which is why so many people who work using computers need to wear glasses. By printing out your work you can scribble on the paper and some people find this helps them order their thoughts better.

5. Read through your writing a few times, on the first read only look for words that have capitals that shouldn’t be there e.g. proper nouns. On the second read, check for any mistakes that occur in words that not only sound the same but have similar spellings yet different meanings (homonyms) e.g. compliment and complement. On the third read, check your punctuation is correct, taking special care with apostrophes, commas and semi colons.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of proofreading tips, but for every day copy, these tips should serve you well in writing for your own website. Bookmark our blog and come back again for more great copywriting tips.

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