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Its a  question that writers always tend to be asked, whether that is “have you written a book” or “you should write a book”. Well, thanks to the advancement of technology and devices such as Kindles and tablets, self publishing has never been easier.

Traditionally, writers and novelists would spend time sending their finished documents to publishers to have any chance of having a book written. As you can imagine thousands upon thousands of books are published in that manner every year, but now those figures have increase due to technology.

Another way of getting your written works onto the market, would be to pitch an idea to a publisher, who would give you a retainer and a deadline, to complete your book.

Today, you can avoid all those pitfalls by self publishing. Although, this doesn’t mean that your book will be purchased, and having a “digital” version of your book commands a lower price, so you have to take things like this into consideration.

Recently, a friend has self published another one of her works, based on a trip we took in 2004 to the Grampians of Scotland. It’s amazing to think that she started this project such a long time ago and now, finally has a book to show for it. Despite the time, she has already self published other works and books previous to this one. It just goes to show, with time and determination you can publish your own books. If you have a fantastic idea, or a book screaming to be written, take the self publishing route, its cheaper, quicker and your book could still be a hit. Who knows, it could also be published into a hard version and be on the shelves of all those popular book stores.

There is plenty of information and advice about self publishing online, but remember to make the most of your book, marketing is the key! Use those digital social sites and get the word out!

If you are interested in my friends book, you can purchase yourself a copy for kindle right here


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