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I was lucky enough to spend some time in the creative hub for Nottingham yesterday. Antenna is a space that encourages those starting out and already working in the creative industries, to use the spaces and attend some interesting free events. There is a great heritage in this country of creative arts and industries which, since the recession hit, has had a boost because people are looking for career changes and also focusing their energies on things that they really like to do.

These hubs are fantastic and can be found in most cities, Creative Leicestershire boast a calender of events which will teach you everything from PR to networking skills. Creative Derbyshire tour their events across the country and have a great following. It is fantastic and inspiring to see these other industries and get a feel for what everyone does under the umbrella “Creative”. It’s also a refreshing change for someone like myself, to get out of the office and see what others are doing.

One of the best resources I found as a creative was the website Creative Boom. The brain child of Katy Cowan, Creative Boom showcases the most talented and incredible people across the UK. It hosts a directory, it showcases work, it offers hints and advice, and generally is a great site to visit and spend some time on. If you’re stuck for inspiration, make sure to visit Creative Boom.

I’ve found some incredible people on there from designers to artists, it really brings the UK’s creative community together.

Taking time out to see what other “artists” produce is a great break for the mind and soul, I feel really inspired and attack my work from a new angle.

Have a look in your local town or city and head for your nearest creative hub!

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