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Writing is a skill which I would like to think everyone has deep within them. Whether that is to write something profound or something that means something to them. Being a professional writer is quite a skill and many specialise in specific areas.

Personally, I trained as a radio copywriter. This is a very specific way of writing. You are creating a story which lasts only 30 seconds. In that time you need to create a reaction with listeners which will make them visit the advertiser. Copywriting, like most things in the creative sector, is based on ideas and a notion of what makes an audience tick. I was lucky enough to train in the art of creating concepts also, which is a real powerful tool and again, all about ideas and thinking creatively. When I went freelance, I had in my mind that I would carry on writing radio commercials and doing copywriting for advertising, but I quickly had to turn my hand to SEO, Blogging and content. Something I hadn’t touched before.

What I’m trying to point out in this particular post is that, as a writer you can pretty much turn your hand to anything. What is most important is that you understand your clients business, you understand their goals and you completely understand the audience they are trying to attract. As a copywriter I worked with every business you could think of, which you absorb and understand, then new clients are surprised when you know quite a bit about car sales or brickwork.

Writing for business has many layers to consider when creating content. Many may think it is simply typing out words about relative subjects. But unfortunately it isn’t that simple, that is why it is always ideal to get the professionals in whether you need web content, an advertising campaign, or print re-writing. Too many people “have a go” and get it wrong, this doesn’t mean to say those people are bad writers, but professional writers know there is so much to consider when creating content that really works.

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