Writing for audio

For many years I worked in the radio industry on various projects, and today I thought I would discuss writing for an audio platform.

Audio, as you obviously know, is a platform using sound and no pictures. Radio, Talking books, documentaries and dramas can all be produced in an audio medium very successfully.

There is a knack to writing for audio, as you really do have to consider your audience, as you don’t have any visual medium to help you create the message you desire.

So, you have to be quite descriptive in some senses, using voices, sounds, music and style.

Sometimes creating audio scripts is a lot more powerful, as listeners create their own pictures, and therefore mould it to what they perceive to be the best image. Theatre of the mind!

So here are a list of considerations when creating a piece for audio whether that be a period drama or a commercial

1) Who is your audience? What do they like? How old are they? You will write for a teenager very differently to someone who is retired

2) How do you want your audience to react? Is it an emotive piece? An informative piece? Do you want them to sit listen and relax, or call this number?

3) When writing speech, write in a script format so that voice overs can read quickly and easily. Scripts tend to have directions and notes to the producer and the actors. At the top you can describe the characters and the styles of voice (This is where you have to be quite descriptive), the setting and any sound effects or music.

4) Consider sound effects to make the piece come alive and possibly some music to create atmosphere. Music is a great way to end one scene and start another.

5) Finally, as a writer, you hold the strings when it comes to the finished result, if you’ve had someone produce the piece and you are not happy, don’t be afraid to send it back to the studio for tweaks.


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