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Its been a while since I actually physically wrote anything, and have had to have a real good think about writing, where we can provide more,  what type of writing really inspires and is enjoyable.

Originally, I trained as a radio producer, writing, producing and editing programmes which would be heard on channels such as BBC radio 3 & 4, and I really enjoyed it. Taking the time to research, create and produce something that millions of people would listen to and enjoy. Unfortunately, as life dictates, I completely forgot about this style of writing until recently someone reminded me.

Writing for radio can be quite a difficult task, but I hope to inspire others to look into this possibility.

Every 3-6 months the BBC has a commissioning round. This offers a range of spaces and projects that people can “bid” for. Whether you’re a new writer or a seasoned scribe, you do have the chance to go up against the big players and have a piece of work created, but it isn’t a simple as writing something and sending it in. You have to consider elements such as costs, such as voices, Recording, on location etc. Who will produce the piece? It is always handy to contact producers that create pieces of work in house and build a relationship with them.

Another avenue is through independent producers, who continually have work commissioned for radio. Take time to contact these people, see where you could help or if they would be willing to take your work through to commissioning.

It’s never going to make you millions, but it is another level of writing, which is enjoyable. Take a look at the commissioning rounds site, and see where you could possibly create something, from Drama to factual, there are a lot of spaces that need to be filled as listeners constantly consume programmes and you could be the next big star.

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