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This morning I was invited into BBC Radio Nottingham to talk about writing to our troops, and what a great topic of conversation this is.

Last year, after a pretty rubbish year, I decided to do something nice, which was to write to a number of people serving in the forces. I had a nose around the Internet and found a couple of places to start which included:

Forces Pen Pals

Dear Deidre

and most recently

Adopt A Squaddie

My brother had been out on his tour, but was rather lucky to receive letters. emails and packages on a regular basis, but he was sharing rooms with soldiers who had no family, or were not receiving such exciting gifts. So, writing a letter or email is a great way to support our troops and let them know we are thinking about them.

What do you write about?

Good question, sometimes its hard to get the balance, you don’t want to be harping on about what’s going on at home, so I stuck to me, what I do, what I like, family, holidays, hobbies, those types of things.

The reality is, and you can choose whether your physically write a letter or send and email, that soldiers appreciate the support so much. It can be incredibly difficult being out for 6 months at a time and to have a letter or email arrive when you least expect it, is a great gift.

Some people have grown fantastic relationships with the soldiers they have written to, some have even ended up marrying that person!

In essence, it’s about showing our support, and it really doesn’t take long, 10 minutes to scribble down a bit about yourself and ask a few questions.

My house mates and I will be writing to the troops again this festive season, and now is the perfect time to consider doing so, as sometimes letters can take up to a month to reach the addressee.

There is nothing quite like putting pen to paper, and its even more exciting when you receive a letter back!

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