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With video blogs (or “vlogs”) growing in popularity among the online community, some video bloggers break up the monotony of the video with relevant video footage because most people aren’t going to sit and watch you talk for 5 minutes unless you’re attractive, funny-looking or use props in your video blogs.

If you’re thinking you might like to go down this route, we have put together our top tips for writing for video.

1. When people are reading, if they miss something they can go back a couple of words and try again. This isn’t the case with video, people generally don’t tend to mess around and rewind a couple of seconds so they can hear what you had to say. With this in mind, your language needs to be simple for two reasons – firstly, because you could stumble over complicated words but secondly, your viewer needs to ‘get it’ the first time round.

2. Pacing is very important! Television journalists always mark up their scripts to help them get their rhythm, timing and pronunciation right. This is a really important point to remember because if you speak too fast, the pictures you are talking over won’t fit with your words which will leave the viewer confused.

3. Forget all the technical stuff you learned in English lessons at school. As with written blogs, it’s expected that they will be more informal than a news report, you need to speak with people on the same level.

4. Sounds ridiculous but it is essential to make sure that any footage matches your words. For example, if you’re talking about the Greek economy then a 4 second shot showing the UK political leaders isn’t as relevant as say, some shots of Greece’s political leaders or stock shots of Athens. It sounds so simple but it’s harder than it sounds. If you’re short on footage, use it during descriptive sentences rather than segments that contain key facts that you want people to remember.

5. Use extra video footage to help move the blog along without clunky intros in the spoken script. In writing, you might use bullet points (or numbering as I have done) but in a video blog this could feel awkward and you run the risk of boring your viewers. All blogs should be focussed on only one subject which is great for your website’s SEO but limits the writer who may want to express a few related points. The only problem writers have with targeting their writing like this is moving the story on sufficiently to reach the end, it’s the written equivalent of drinking too much and rambling on to a stranger at a party about eyelash combs.

Don’t be afraid of video blogging, it is a great way to get across your personality to your audience and can really help them connect with your business.

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