Creative Concepts

What is a concept?

The dictionary definition of a concept is:

1. A general idea, an over-riding idea
2. A notion, a thought, something formed in the mind
3. A scheme, a campaign, a plan.

 Why would you need a concept?

Some of the biggest companies in the world use concepts to promote their services and products through advertising. Concepts are the perfect way to brand your company, break into a competitive marketplace and make your customers realise that you mean business. Concepts are consistent, they “have legs” and can be used across all media platforms.

Some great examples of concepts are:

The Carphone Warehouse- Mowbli

Although Mowbli is no longer with us, the happy chirpy mobile phone character was used for years at the Carphone Warehouse, and across numerous platforms. From the visual form to broadcast media, customers would instantly recognise the character, know his voice if he appeared on radio, knew what he looked like. This concept was used for numerous campaigns across the board. Mowbli was fun, approachable and informative.

Sheila’s Wheels

Simply say the name “Sheila’s Wheels” and most will conjure up the image of 3 brightly dressed songstresses, driving around in a pink convertible. Shelia’s Wheels did concepts well. They had TV adverts, involving their very catchy song, they had radio adverts, they were featured in print, you could download their song as a mobile phone tune, and you could visit their fan site to appear in their next TV commercial.

Old Spice- Men

A brand that had been around for years, Old Spice needed something fresh and exciting to re invigorate their sales, which lead to a great concept based around the theme, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”. This campaign blew the doors off, and featured Isaiah Mustafa. TV adverts, radio commercials, print ads and an online presence, which invited users to ask Isaiah Mustafa questions through twitter. This was a fantastic concept.

So, as you can see, concepts are a great way of getting your brand out in the marketplace. Created in the right way, concepts can last for years and have scope to be used in many different ways.

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