Email Campaigns

If you’re anything like us, everyday in your email account, you sift through and possibly delete 90% of your emails.

Juno Copywriting create emails that do not get deleted, with catchy headlines, great call to action, interesting information and fantastic offers.

Email campaigns are a fantastic way of keeping in touch with your customers, and saying thank you. We can create campaigns that run in line with other advertising and promotions, or we can base a whole campaign around an email that we create.

You might want a campaign that only lasts a month, or something that will span over 12 months and deliver a regular email to your customers.

Your customers will engage in a way that brings them back to your company over and over again, whether that’s to purchase products, or to use your services. It may be as simple as, you would like more followers on your social network accounts, or you would like people to register accounts on your website.

Whatever you want to achieve, Email Campaigns are a great way of reaching your data base, to inform them of interesting news and offer them something fantastic.

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