Facebook Management

Whether you don’t yet have a business Facebook account or your current one just isn’t getting the results you want, Juno Copywriting can help.  Facebook runs many people’s social lives effectively – many people would say they couldn’t live without it – so why should it be different for your business life?

The tools are there to be used, but sometimes the balance between social media and business-talk can prove difficult.  Juno understands where to draw the line at personality and be direct (after all, this is business), but we also understand that it counts for a lot.  No one wants to read a price list of products or be told what to buy – public interest and relative industry news is key, whilst content is key and so is user engagement.

Not only this, but everything you ‘like’, every group and event you join, every ‘friend’ you make, and everything you write, defines your business.  It is therefore critical to sell yourself whilst being clinical.  Time is also an issue that businesses face in being able to manage this difficult balance, which is why it is an important service that Juno offers.  The message is, don’t sit back and waste the opportunities of Facebook – or do, and we’ll pull our finger out to make the most of them for you.

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