Feature Pages

Feature Pages are a great way of:

1. Increasing the size of your website
2. Providing more content
3. Capturing a wider audience

Websites rely heavily on content and key words and phrases, to rank organically in search engine listings. If you find that your list of key words and phrases is as long as your arm, but you want to include them in some way, without making the visual aspect of your site look messy, Feature Pages are a fantastic way of using other keywords and phrases and helping you capture a bigger audience, through search engines.

How it works

The team at Juno Copywriting spring into action, taking your list of key words and phrases, say for example “90′s T Shirts” and will write a page based around that phrase. The content is completely relevant to your site, your company and your products and services. We then “publish” this page, which in non technical terms, is sitting in the stratosphere of the internet, and here is the clever bit….

Feature pages might not be found through the normal navigation of your site, but if someone searches for the key phrase used on that page, say for instance “90′s T Shirts”,  your feature page will appear. The user can then go onto that page, and can be directed into the website via links, pictures or products.

Websites might have thousands of features pages, but from the front end, their navigation and options may be minimal.

Feature Pages will increase the chances of driving more traffic to your website.



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