7 words the SEO Copywriter can’t live without

When copywriting for online content, as a writer you don’t have much time to grab your audience’s attention and keep them on your website before they get bored and go elsewhere. Internet users are notoriously fickle so you need to work harder to hold their interest long enough to make a sale so we have compiled a list of 7 words that the SEO copywriter loves to use to help convert visits to sales.

1. Free – they say nothing comes for free in this life. Offering something for free and delivering on your promise means that if you don’t already have a relationship with a customer, you will start to form one as they begin to trust your business. Offering something for free is certainly attention-grabbing and an SEO copywriter’s dream as it is much easier to write copy that converts when there is a juicy offer to back up the deal.

2. Discounts – not as good as free, but everyone likes a bargain. Again, discounts make the SEO copywriter’s job much easier as money is a great motivator when trying to attract and increase online sales.

3. Benefits – copywriting 101! You are much more likely to get somebody’s attention if you write about how your product will benefit them and enrich their lives. Make the benefits of the products your website sells clear and don’t get bogged down with features, a rookie mistake! For example, your mp3 music player has 120gb of storage means little to a lot of people but “120gb of storage so you never have to delete your favourite tracks for years to come” is definitely a benefit of this feature and will mean much more to your readers.

4. New – nobody wants to be out of touch, old or out of fashion so demonstrating how a new clothing arrived into your warehouse last week and is hot off the European catwalks is far more likely to make your readers reach for their credit cards because everybody wants to have the next big thing first.

5. Exclusive – nobody wants to think that everybody likes and wants exactly the same things they do. Make your customers feel special and like they are part of a club who are superior for getting their hands on your products first!

6. Learn (or ‘find out’) – people are really curious beings and if you offer to tell a secret, something that they may not already know then the chances are that you are on to a winner! Everybody loves being in on a secret, so share information with your customers, even if it isn’t a closely guarded secret.

7. Limited availability – putting a time limit on making sales is a tried and tested method to move things along. Online, people forget which websites they have visited and forget to make purchases they genuinely wanted to make. Ebay have done very well out of encouraging impulse purchases with defined time limits.

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