The office chair challenge

Not so much about writing today, more about office health.

Like many people these days, their working day entails sitting in front of a PC screen for hours. As you can imagine, the amount of conditions due to this type of work has risen.

The team at Juno Copywriting had some lovely new chairs delivered today. Myself and project manager- Mark Roberts, thought we would have a race to see who could build their chairs the quickest. Mark was off to a flying start, whilst I carefully looked at the instructions (like a true lady) and took my time placing all the pieces out and looking at how we should go about it.

Obviously Mark flew to the finish but only a couple of minutes before, mind you, its not a race. When it comes to health and safety in these working environments, good posture, desk height, back support and height of monitor is a real issue. These elements are all paramount to a comfortable working environment.

As a writer, initially freelance, I would sit on a range of chairs at different surfaces and kind of hunch over my laptop, not great, but I did make sure I had regular breaks and walked around. It is quite easy to forget how important having a break is, when you are in the focused work zone. Also, some may feel that they might not be able to do this at their place of work, for fear of being made out that they are a “slacker” but let’s be honest here, would you rather have regular breaks to refresh body and mind, or end up having weeks off because of a bad back or the onset of migraines?

So, our tip? As writers, designers, developers, whoever, if you sit in front of a computer all day, make sure you have a comfortable chair, that your monitor is at eye level or a little above, that your wrists rest comfortably on a desk or table and that your back is supported, I am now telling you this from my rather nice, new office chair.

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