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Business relationships can be tricky; some people want to know, others just don’t. In the wide world of news, what’s important is that your marketing email or press release is as interesting, relatable and read-easy as it can be. The media are faced with hundreds of stories every day which means they’re a tough audience – what does yours have that the next one doesn’t? With potential customers or clients at the other end of your marketing, how you deal with communication can also be the make-or-break of your contact list.

Having years of experience writing for different industries, we understand what attracts specific companies, clients and customers – what they’re interested in, who their audience is, and what they want the world to know they’re associated with. This means that we know who to contact – who is most likely to say ‘Yes!’ to you, just as much as we know who to avoid. Together with creativity and a huge portfolio of writing content, we know what to say to get them jumping up and down on their seats for what you’ve got to offer. When it’s a matter of building contacts, it’s important that content really doesn’t merge in with the ranks – it needs to shout out to stand out.

You may think you have all the contacts you need, but when new-comers are breaking into the marketplace and grabbing the lime light, you risk fading into the wings. Quality of content, specificity and frequency is what will keep you competing, and Juno has bags of experience to give a helping hand. Make sure you say what you want to the people you want and the relationships built can be priceless.

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