Press Release Writing

If SEO is forever and PPC is a temporary solution to attracting traffic to your website, speak to Juno Copywriting about a new way of bringing traffic to your website.

Have you just signed off your brand new website? Has your web designer created a beautifully clean visual? Have you have invested in extra functionality to enhance customer experience but still have no traffic? If you have an SEO company then they will have made you aware that dominating Google for your main key terms could take between six months and a year. If you want to opt for a cost effective method of bringing in traffic without resorting to PPC then press release writing may be for you

Get your business noticed across the online and offline media.

Press releases are short communications directed at the media to inform the public of your company’s latest news. By communicating with the media you are building important relationships and constructing a positive image of your business in the public domain for everyone to see.

Press releases don’t just have to be issued to the local or national print media outlets. There are opportunities for press release publication online which many traditional PR agencies miss out on.

Press releases written by Juno Copywriting are crafted and then distributed across the internet, ready for online news organisations to pick up on and cover on their websites. This is a cost-effective way of attracting attention to your website without having to work with a PR agency on a retainer basis.

Well-written press releases follow a particular structure that is standard across the industry. Some news outlets publish the press release as it is sent to them so it is important to get the angle of the story just right so the world is clamouring to hear your news!

Still not sure if press release writing is right for your business?

Save money on expensive advertising campaigns
Drive traffic from offline sources e.g. Newspapers, magazines etc
Increase awareness of your business or brand offline and online
Create a buzz and get people talking about your company


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