Print Content

Good old-fashioned pen and paper (well, ink, but you know what we mean). There is still a place for it today. And it is believed that it is just as effective to write double the amount of a text’s digital equivalent in print because readers of print read-read, rather than scan-read. This means that instead of letting your work get bogged down by pictures, be wise and use the space efficiently – with great content that speaks for itself.

Juno’s team of writers is experienced in writing copy for all kinds of print: brochures, leaflets, books, magazines, posters and papers. We pride ourselves on our versatility – whatever the business, whatever the industry, we can make consumers look, and keep looking. What they read is the representation of a business, and Juno knows what to say and how to put businesses in the right light for their target market. This is not to say weigh the page down with writing – words sell personality, but images still have their place. Juno produce content that works with visuals and takes the end product into account when writing content for it. This also means that we know how to differ content between different forms of print to make each as individually engaging and effective as possible.

Without the easy click away when bright colours don’t jump out (as is a frequent response to digital content), print content really is a business’s opportunity to say what they mean and to make the most of their reader’s attention. If you struggle to put into words what you want your consumers to see about your business, Juno’s writers are here to help.

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