Radio Advertising

The writing team at Juno Copywriting is lucky enough to have an award winning radio copywriter on board, that spent 6 years under the UK’s biggest broadcasting companies.

Radio Advertising still is an effective way of reaching a mass audience. For those wanting to expand their advertising and spark a reaction with customers, this could be the avenue to take.

Radio commercials are very targeted, as a copywriter the process entails taking a brief from our clients, which include 3 parts.

Who are we talking to? What do we want the audience to do? Why should they do it?

Who is a basic demographic. It is difficult to be everything to everyone, your business may offer services and products to a specific audience, for instance fertility treatment for a certain age range of females.

What is how we want the audience to react, that could be visiting a store, going online or picking up the phone and calling or texting your company.

Why should they do it. This is where your USP is the best way to win business, you may be the cheapest, you may be the quickest, you may provide the best after sales service or you might be the only stockist in the UK.

These 3 elements not only build a profile of your customers but exactly what you want to achieve. This is the starting point with every client, our team then springs into action producing a range of script ideas for your radio campaign. We have connections with top producers who use state of the art equipment and techniques. You will also find our pricing nicely surprising.

Radio creates the most colour pictures in the listeners mind, it is also a medium that is not intrusive, people listen passively or tentatively depending on their circumstances. Over the past few years there has been an increase in listening at workplaces, due to the use of online streaming.

Not only can we create successful campaigns, we can source famous voices and have music composed for that extra boost, listeners perceptions are heightened with either of these elements.

Radio advertising is reaching more people than ever. If you are interested in dipping the toe into radio or going for a national campaign, contact the team at Juno Copywriting today.


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