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SEO Copywriting is a new and exciting part of the professional copywriter’s repetoire. However, due to the nature of SEO and how search engines crawl written content, SEO copywriting is very different to traditional writing conventions and many copywriters miss the point entirely, forgetting that keywords matter.

To the old hand copywriter, SEO copywriting may feel unnatural, which is why it has emerged as a specialism within the copywriting industry. When selecting a freelancer to work on your website, you need to be aware that not all copywriters are experienced in writing for online media.

Juno Copywriting are search engine marketing specialists and know how to craft your words. SEO copywriting left in inexperienced hands can harm your business’ visibility in the search engines but also put off customers.

Inexperienced SEO copywriters may make the mistake of ‘keyword stuffing’. This is when a keyword is repeated so many times in a piece of copy that it is incredibly obvious to the reader as the content sounds disjointed. It also looks very unprofessional. The experienced SEO copywriter will understand how website content should be structured and the maximum amount of time a keyword can be used before they cross the line into keywords stuffing.

SEO copywriting is still very much an art as it is tricky to establish a balance between what the natural reader would like to see and what search engines like Google would like to see. After all, if a keyword is mentioned so many times on a page, search engine spiders will conclude that the page of content must be very relevant to the keyword. However, some copywriters take this to extremes and can spoil the impact other SEO technique have on your website.

The benefits of working with Juno Copywriting for SEO are:

Increased visibility in search engines due to carefully crafted copy with SEO in mind.
Increased sales: we choose the keywords that buyers not browsers use
Copy by Juno Copywriting is kept strictly within your brand values.

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