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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used in content present on-line, which allows websites, blogs and articles to be discovered quickly and easily, by your prospective customers.

Written correctly, SEO content will boost your search engine ratings and increase visitors to your website.

Juno Copywriting provides a team of writers that have the experience and knowledge to produce high quality, unique SEO content. Our writers not only produce engaging copy, but also fill it with SEO rich text. To the un-seeing eye, it’s an interesting web page, with useful information and advice, offering a range of products and services. To those who are aware, it is content that has been written and interlaced with the most popular phrases, keywords and links that your customers may use when searching for information and products.

Our team of writers rub shoulders with web designers and developers on a day-to-day basis. This enables the sharing of information, tips, techniques and secrets to successful websites, to be common knowledge amongst the team. It also allows us to be the leaders in web creation and content.

Our writing team bring their own expertise to the table. All with specialist skills and interests which shows through their work. SEO is ever more important in the fight for search engine rankings. Written badly, content can cause your site to drop through the rankings or even be removed. Our writers know that copied, spammed and badly written content will do no-one any favours, we only produce unique fresh copy, every single time.

Consider investing in a professional SEO content writer to refresh your existing website and if you need new content for a brand new site.

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