Guide to Micro Blogging

Welcome to the world of micro blogging, I don’t mean writing in tiny letters, I mean using social media platforms such as Twitter to get your message across but in no more than 140 characters. Yes, it sounds like a challenge but Juno Copywriting is providing some useful tips to create engaging micro blogs for your audience.

Firstly, you need a micro blog account, the obvious main social media platform is Twitter, which launched in 2006 and has 175 million registered users, that’s users tweeting on a regular basis.

You can join other micro blog communities such as Tumblr, which is Twitters nearest competitor. Plurk looks like a carbon copy if Twitter, and Pownce and Jaiku are other micro blogging services.

In the early days of twitter there were jokes surrounding people tweeting about boring mundane stuff, “I’ve just eaten a sandwich” or “nipping to the loo”. With micro blogging, you need to be engaging and even if the content is a bit mundane you can jazz it up with a photo or link or spin a story off the back of it for instance “Is this the best sandwich in the world? Add a pic or a vote”.

Tips for a great micro blog include:

- Keep your updates regular
- Tell folks about events or observations of your day
- Include links to pictures, videos, music, other websites and so on
- Ask questions to get answers
- Share information
- Don’t sell anything, users want a great experience
- Use hash tags, so users can find you when they search for specific products.
- Re-tweet interesting posts which you think your followers will enjoy
- Follow other people and build your connections
- Finally don’t be degrading towards other users, this is a big no no

Micro blogging is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, start slowly with a few posts a day, then increase with creative blogs and keep it short, remember you only have 140-150 characters, people don’t want the complete works of Shakespeare. Soon enough you’ll be an expert micro blogger.

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