The importance of social media management

These days the world is becoming increasingly social. You only need to look at the influx of social networking sites to see how important they’re becoming, and although it can be difficult to stay on top of things you should never get complacent—social networking should be a key part of your marketing activity, with social media management needing to be high on the list of priorities no matter what business you operate in.

It’s all about being able to interact with your target audience whilst increasing visibility and developing your reputation. Do it well and you could get a better understanding of customer needs, keeping up-to-date with what they’re saying about you and wider industry trends as a whole, and at the same time you’ll be able to increase traffic, reputation and (potentially) your profits. But, do it wrong and the consequences can be disastrous—a poorly thought-out tweet or status update could damage your reputation quicker than you thought possible, and with news travelling like wildfire in the social sphere it can be difficult to recover from.

That’s why you need to spend time on social media management to ensure you’re hitting the right notes. You should try to inject some personality into your corporate image whilst keeping an eye on your reputation, so make sure to be personable and friendly and always steer clear of using it as a promotional tool—if you only ever talk about yourself your audience will soon switch off, so make sure to start conversations, talk about your industry, monitor what people are saying about you and respond to customer questions rather than using the medium as your own personal sounding board.

Social media management can really come into its own when you’ve got a lot of sites to contend with. You need to keep things streamlined and effective but bear in mind that different sites will need slightly different techniques, so make sure to spend some time developing suitable strategies. It isn’t a quick-fix solution but instead takes time to build your community, and there are of course a few rules you need to bear in mind—remember the 80/20 rule and make sure to share relevant content, for example—but once sorted you could reap the rewards.

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