Writing a Twitter Bio – Tips From Juno Copywriting

When it comes to Twitter, first impressions really do count. This is because you only have 140 characters to show potential followers who you are and what you are about.

It is never easy to sum yourself or your business up in a few words because you will inevitably be many things to many people. Everybody is complex in their own way, which is made harder when Twitter, one of the most widely used social networks demands that your sum yourself up in 140 characters.

Do you really need a bio on your Twitter account? Well, you could go without one but the whole point of social media is to get your name out there and find new people to interact with and build relationships. How can you build relationships when visitors don’t know what to expect from you.

If you are stuck for things to write in your Twitter bio, take a look at our simple tips:

- The rule of three is very popular on Twitter with many users sharing three facts about themselves e.g. “Husband, Father and life coach.” This formula works well and will keep you within 140 characters with little effort. The only problem is that it could be lacking imagination.

- To inject some personality, you could also try saying something visitors to your Twitter profile would expect to see followed by something less expected e.g. “Husband, Father and Sunday driver reviled by all road users.

- Tweeting for work only? Noting your expertise could be very important as when Twitter users preview a profile, they want to know why you are an authority in your subject e.g. “Certified life coach specialising in Business Coaching, Career Development and Personal Achievement”.

- If more than one person is monitoring the account then it could be worth mentioning this in the bio to add a degree of accountability e.g. “Copywriting Agency based in Nottingham – Twitter account managed by David, Jonathan and Andy

Remember: your Twitter bio is the first thing many Twitter users will see and making the right first impression when people land on your Twitter profile page is really important if you have invested time into social media. A well-written bio is the first step towards building a relationship on Twitter. Display copy that is unstructured and inappropriate ,you will give the wrong impression about yourself or your business which could impede your progress in social media.

If you need assistance with copywriting and representing your brand online, contact David Wiltshire to discuss your requirements on 0845 544 1764.

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