Social Media

Long-gone are the days when social networking meant chatting to friends, leaving comments and posting photos for all to see. In the modern day, when mild photo-stalking of friends is something we all admit to and laugh about, it has taken on an all-new important presence in everyday life. What smart businesses know is that they can use this reliance to their advantage, spreading word of current news, commenting on a craze, posing questions, and getting their name out there.

Where some businesses fall short is in their inability to juggle time – and why should tweeting, pinning, liking, re-tweeting, following and favouriting be a priority when business has spoken for itself all this time? The reason is that when your competitors are reaching people through social media, you have a lot to lose by turning your back on it. What can help you to get a step ahead of competitors is in the quality and relevance of each action, and this is where Juno’s expertise lies. We have the time that you don’t to tweet and pin what will be interesting and exciting to your audience, whilst forming links to places, ideas and people that your business wants to be associated with.

Common sense and careful direction is not all – Juno’s experience in writing great content ensures that what you let out into the world wide web for all to see is correct, informative and in-keeping with the image of your business.

In the era of roaring social media, businesses are missing a trick by leaving their online networking at home. It’s not selling, but it is earning a reputation. Let content lead the way for yours and keep up-to-date, fresh, focussed and efficient.

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