Social Media Management

Do you Poke, Pin and Tweet? Do you realistically have time to do all of these things? Do you even know what Poking, Pinning and Tweeting entails?

Juno Copywriting offers Social Media Management, a creative service to manage all of your social media accounts, ensuring they are up to date, gaining followers, interest and generating referrals and traffic to your main company website.

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the new comer- Pinterest, have evolved so much, they are the perfect platform to enhance your website. The key to great social media is engaging with people and creating conversations that arouse interest in your company.

The Juno Copywriting team can run existing social media accounts, or set up new social media sites and link them together, providing  a constant flow of information and activity on your social pages. We can also link your website blogs to these sites, when news is posted, Hey Presto! It appears on your social media sites.

Facebook offers the new Timeline feature, a great way for companies to offer services and products in a stylish way, gaining likes and followers. A great way to get people involved with your company, is to offer competitions and products at discounted prices.

Twitter, like other social media sites, is always on the move, pictures and trends allows companies to gain followers and aim for re-tweets and replies to messages.

Finally, Pinterest is the new way of driving traffic to your site in the most visually stunning way. It is possibly the fastest growing site for users, which are predominantly female, a great demographic to sell to.

So, if you don’t have the time or the inclination to run social media accounts which compliment your company website, speak to a team that loves to Poke, Pin and Tweet.



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