Strategic Campaign Planning

You want to do something for your customers, or you want to do something that will drive more enquiry, more sales. Strategic Campaign Planning with Juno Copywriting is the way forward.

We work with numerous companies to create a plan that can span from one month, to 12 months, involving great ideas and an array of platforms to tackle this.

We will create a campaign and consider all elements of that campaign, such as seasonality, trends, products, occasions and offers to create an all singing all dancing campaign.

You might simply want to encourage more people to like your Facebook page, or follow your Twitter account. You might want to target customers with strategic email marketing, you might want a concept that goes across all media platforms.

Juno Copywriting not only provides content, but can come up with the ideas that will support your campaigns, and we can manage the content for them too.

If your main aim is to drive more users to your website to purchase or to register their email, we have plenty of tricks up our sleeves.

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