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Dr Carlos Xavier approached the Juno team to create an outstanding website, which would portray his brand new clinic- Natura, in a way which would put clients minds at ease and offer a huge range of information when it came to non invasive treatments.

Hailing from Brazil, Dr Xavier brings his years of knowledge and expertise to Natura Skin Clinic, based in Cheshire.

The Juno copywriting team at have been providing Natura with daily blogs on a range of topics including skin care, skin treatments, health, beauty, cosmetics and celebrities. Not only does it provide a range of interesting articles for the site, it also helps Dr Xavier gain good groundings in the search engine results.

The reasoning behind setting up Natura was to provide clients with an alternative to cosmetic surgery. He realised many clients were unhappy with their looks and had lost confidence, but without research, their initial reaction was to go ahead and opt for full surgery, when that really isn’t the case or the first option.

Non invasive treatments can provide the same results as surgery, but as you have guessed, these treatments are more affordable, healing time is decreased and many treatments can be completed in a few 45-60 minute sessions.

What could be more simple?

Natura Skin Clinic also offers a range of testimonials from their incredibly happy clients. Prospective customers can visit the site and watch short videos featuring some of the men and women who have had treatments at Natura. It’s a very human element and connects with users, allowing them to make informed decisions and the type of treatments they would like and actually seeing the process and results on clients, that have already opted for treatments.

It is incredible how much can be achieved with techniques and modern technology, the results are incredibly and peoples confidence can soar.

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