Writing Courses for 2013

One of your New Years Resolutions might be to gain more skills or try a different hobby, be more creative! Juno Copywriting is all for getting creative, so today we’re taking a look at a range of writing courses across the UK that will inspire you and increase your skills and knowledge in the writing field. As you have probably guessed there are so many different styles of writing, so our course picks are going to be a veritable mix or degrees and short courses.

Firstly, to make things simple, the Guardian have published a list of master classes, which include Fiction, Travel and Blog writing, including how to pitch your first book and get it published.

The Faber Academy offer weekend writing courses and you’ll find plenty more in the London area from Comedy to Screen writing

Here in the Midlands there are some great places that offer writing courses. In the West Midlands – Writing West Midlands has a lot of information and great support for writer and creatives in the area.

There is a lot going on in the East, Writing East Midlands offers a range of courses, including published authors teaching publications and novel writing, poetry and short stories.

If you’re looking for something more specific, that you can do online, the Writers Bureau offer a Copywriting Course, perfect for those creatives wanting to working in Advertising.

Writing for Screen is another exciting avenue for those who love the excitement of film and television.

One of the highest paid writing jobs is bid writing, take a look at the courses offered here to gain qualifications and experience.

Finally you might want to appeal to a much younger audience, Childrens writing can be fun and profitable if your work is published!

If you’re looking to gain experience writing for digital platforms, Juno Copywriting is always happy to take on people for work experience, drop us a line!

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