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Your site looks amazing. You have spent a sizable budget and many hours building a site that not only looks great, but also boasts incredible functionality. What about your content?

Juno Copywriting provides a team of professional writers that create Web Content day in, day out, for a huge range of clients. Our writers know the importance of engaging content and the positive effects fabulous copy has on a website and its users.

Research shows that web visitors scan web content very differently to press, literature and other text. They read quickly and focus on the first paragraph. If they cannot find what they were looking for in the first paragraph, the majority will leave, yet if you hook them in, tell them what they want to know and interest them, many stay on the site, click through to different pages, contacting you or purchasing from your site. This, in essence, is the outcome we want to achieve.

Content really is king. At Juno Copywriting, we believe that Web Content is possibly the most important aspect of building a new site.

Well-written Web Content offers a dual purpose. Informing and engaging customers and aiding your website to climb the search engine rankings. Written properly, unique fresh content is an organic way of self-promotion.

Search engines perform many tasks to index web content and rank it accordingly. The team at Juno Copywriting knows exactly what customers and search engines like in terms of copy and text. Our team of writers can create engaging content considering your company, brand ethos and your target customers. We understand current trends and provide creative output.

We are proud of our success stories and have produced content for a range of clients including large London brands, National and International clients, who have all seen an increase in sales and inquiries, as well as a rise in search engine positions.

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