Writing Cover

If your company is looking to employ a full time writer, we at Juno Copywriting understand trying to find the right person can take some time.

That’s why we offer a “writing cover service”. Our team range in experiences and have worked with a huge variety of clients, which allows us to adapt to any situation and provide writing cover for many different customers.

If you’re an agency hoping to recruit a writer for a client, we can provide interim cover for that particular business. If you are recruiting in house, contact us to see which written services we can help you out with.

Writing cover can enable companies to carry on with their operations and eliminates time spent trying to either outsource a writer for a few weeks, or attempt to write the copy themselves.

Your company may also find that if you use Juno Copywritings services, you may not have to recruit a full time writer, and may opt to use our services a few days a week, providing high quality written content, great ideas, and of course, saving your company time and money.

Our Services include:


Advertising Copywriting

Radio Copywriting

Web Content

Web Articles


SEO content

Meta Titles & Descriptions

Product Descriptions

Print content

Greetings Cards Prose

Marking Email Content

Formal and informal letters

Anything that needs written content.

Juno Copywriting provides written cover for media agencies who don’t necessarily have the pleasure of in-house writers. You might be a radio station needing creative cover, or a web designer needing someone to produce content for your clients sites. There is so much we can do and currently work with clients, such as agencies and producers, as previously mentioned.

For more information about our services, our team and providing writing cover for your company, contact the Juno Writing team today.

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