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As you probably know the World Wide Web is a huge platform where incredible amounts of content is consumed everyday. From copy placed on websites and eCommerce stores, to news items, blogs and social media, emails and articles. We love to consume, we can’t get enough. So, as writers there is a huge market to produce engaging, interesting and unique content for the online market, thus writing for web.

Juno Copywriting offers a range of writing services including writing for web. Our web writing services include web content, blogs, social media management, articles and all of our web copy is researched and SEO rich.

When it comes to writing for web, its a two pronged attack, including a bit of science and know how.

Firstly, we have to consider the customer, this is very important, as great content can help a company brand themselves, set a tone of voice and provide consistency. The customer needs feel that you’re not selling to them, but providing them with something that will benefit their life.

The other prong of attack, is how the content will help the site. Web content really needs to include keywords and phrases. These are words which customers might type into a search engine when searching for a product, service or piece of information. If your company has put together a hit list of keywords and phrases that you believe your customers will use to find you, make sure they are included in your content.

Web content differs slightly depending on where you are placing the copy. Page content, which sits on web pages, is generally an introduction, informative and engaging. Web Content tends to be formal because you are informing a customer. Blogs tend to be more informal, news worthy items such as events and promotions. Articles are features that can be placed directly on the website or through the blog, and finally social media allows you to access a large audience. Social Media really requires companies to create conversations and engage their customers in a different way to normal web content, and different social media platforms dictate different ways of communicating.

Juno Copywriting offers a range of writing services, including writing for web, contact us for more information.


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